Andy’s Top 5 Favorites!

I love fidgets and getting to try all these is really fun. I thought I’ld write about my favorite fidgets and sensory toys. A year ago I really had no clue what a fidget toy really was and now after watching my son utilize them, I’ve found myself addicted to them.     I absolutely […]

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Andrews Drawings 2

From Andrew: I began drawing back in March, and I’ve made about 40 drawings since then. I like to listen to music while drawing. I mainly like to draw people in a sort of cartoon style with shading. I’ve used You Tube as inspiration. I watch a lot of channels, and some of my favorite channels […]

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Andrews Drawings

These are a few drawing my son did. One year ago he really didn’t like drawing until all of the sudden he found it fun and engaging. I think they are very,very good for being so new to drawing. We hope you enjoy them! Make sure to check out page 2 Andrew said “thank you […]

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Looking towards to the future

Early on I knew something  was a little off with my son. His speech was delayed right off the bat and he had the classic lining up blocks and toy cars. I was living with my parents after my separation from my son’s mother and my son and I were at the neighbor’s house visiting. […]

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